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Transforming Mind Solutions is the brain child of Professor Alex O-Neill Kerr, Alex has been working with TMS since 2015, and has worked closely with international Psychiatrists, developing innovative treatments to aid the cure of Depression and Anxiety. He was the first to introduce clinical TMS into the NHS in 2015 (up till then TMS was only used in research settings for mental health problems).

We are a small clinic with hands on staff to meet your requirements, and deliver the highest standard of care during your treatment. Based in Northampton, the most central part of the UK, makes it an easy location for travel purposes to receive your treatment.

About Transforming Mind Solutions Northampton

Prof Alex is the country’s leading clinician when it comes to TMS, and works closely with the Royal College of Psychiatrists to ensure the highest standards are met. For the last 5 years, he has been based in the NHS championing for this treatment to be more readily available. Upon retiring this year from the NHS, he decided to continue delivering innovative treatments to help cure depression and anxiety.

Transforming Mind Solutions Logo

The Transforming Mind Solutions Logo

The logo shows the left hemisphere of the brain. This is thought to be the side of the brain that is not functioning properly in depression. The grey stripe at the front represents the area that is stimulated in rTMS treatment, this area is called the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex. Stimulation to this part of the brain also results in stimulation of the front part of the brain and the emotional part of the brain (known as the limbic system)

The flash of light over the grey area represents the diamond ring sign at the end of an eclipse of the sun. This is the point of which darkness is returning to light again. Patients tell us that coming out of depression with rTMS is like going from darkness to light and colour and feels like an awakening back to life. This is similarly true of emerging from an eclipse of the sun, during the darkness animals, birds and insects are quiet, but all burst back to life at the end of an eclipse.

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