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By: Richard Williams

Prof Alex and our lead practitioner Richard strive to provide each patient with the best possible care, results, and experience at Transforming Mind Solutions. Therefore, are honored to receive so many notes of gratitude from patients.

This letter was written from the heart and we wanted to share it with you

The letter reads;

Dear Richard & Alex,
I don’t know where to start but just to say thank you both very much for the way you dealt immediately with my acute anxiety and depression. It was amazing. Firstly Alex’s quick diagnosis and his prescriptions for the medications and TMS. Secondly for Richard for the magnificent way he dealt with the practicality of the TMS with his exceptional expertise.
Richard was truly amazing for the magnificent way he operated the TMS machine is second to none, and his caring way he deals with you when you are in so much trouble with a totally unbalanced mind is just amazing.

I truly think you will have an amazing practice going forward, the way you both care for your patients and explain to them what will be happening during the process.

I can honestly say that there were a few days when I really did not want to live anymore and thought I would never get better, but thanks to your diagnosis and Richard’s total commitment and caring for me and explaining I would get better it worked wonders for me and Shu.

Within 3 weeks I am a totally different person again feeling better each day, this is only due to your total professionalism and caring and the full support of my darling Shu.
I can say no more than I would recommend your practice to anybody who is in deep trouble with anxiety and depression to contact you, you were both brilliant.

Yours truly as a patient and a friend